Friday, August 21, 2009

NBA Season Simulator

While I'm at it, the NBA's schedule just came out and I've updated the season simulator for the NBA. Note there are new fields for an over/under threshold and also an update to the schedule page that will allow users to easily filter to a specific team.

Do note that while the basic version employs a pythagorean approach, I encourage users to modify the formula for any other number of approaches, such as incorporating basketball's four factors.

NBA Season Simulator
Original author- Erich
Revision date- 20090821


RJ said...

I was going to mention this at APBR but the results look very strange. I run it and got Boston winning 24%? Memphis 72%, etc. Did the names and data get scrambled or am I doing something wrong? You might want to check it again.


RJ said...

Ok, I guess the points for and against currently loaded for just dummy numbers? Seems like that should be clearly stated.

But thanks for the setup.

The Animal said...

Yeah, I would recommend using last years' PF, PA to avoid confusion.

William said...

Thanks Erich, this is great. Would you know how to calculate a frequency distribution for the results in this spreadsheet. I wanted to know what percentage, say Boston would win 50 games, 51 games, 52 games, etc... Thanks so much.

Anessa said...

Erich - you never surprise me ... i still do not comprehend any of this. however I am very impressed ... ha. Joe said if you can beat the bookies he's got the $$$

xlssports said...

Mountain & Animal,
Thanks for the feedback, expect that kind of change in the next revision.

William, it is possible to collect a frequency distribution, but due to the way the monte carlo macro runs, that requires a significant overhead of formulas. These formulas can be added by advanced users and if you are interested, drop me a line and we can discuss.