Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Best of 7 Playoff Simulator

Although I released an NBA Playoff simulator last year, I wanted to improve upon it by allowing for re-seeding and thus cover the NHL and NFL playoffs too. I apparently did the work on the file, but never posted it.
With the NHL playoffs starting tonight, my memory was jogged. I cleaned up the file and now share it with you.

Like the NBA Playoff simulator, this runs off conditional probabilities. Selecting the reseeding option will force the highest seeded team to play the lowest seeded survivor on each side of the bracket. This also can work for the NFL playoffs with the included instructions. Please comment or email me with any bug reports.

Best of 7 Playoffs
Original Author- Erich
Original Release Date- 20100414


Benton said...

Doesn't work for me. Giving results like teams having greater chance of winning championship than getting through first round.

vijay said...

yes I am agree with Benton, he is saying right...

xlssports said...

Curious... I thought my tests would have caught this. I will investigate and also figure out how to be alerted to comments via email.